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Joya Diane Skye began her songwriting career at the age of 13 while living in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Since then she has written in nearly every genre and performed in most of them as well. She had her first top ten song at the ripe old age of 18, “He Walks Like a Man” by Jody Miller. Her gypsy life-style has taken her all over the planet and has enriched her life with a love and respect for the wonderful diversity of Mother Earth and her peoples.

Skye (as her friends call her now, but Diane Hildebrand back then) had an impressive fling with commercial success, penning 5 gold records for various artists like the Monkees, Jody Miller and Bobby Sherman, and several TV shows including The Flying Nun, Bridget Loves Bernie, and The Partridge Family. She had recordings with such diverse artists as Tiny Tim, Mama Cass, Tammy Wynette, and the Scruggs Brothers. She recorded her album “Early Morning Blues and Greens” for Elektra Records and “Skye Songs” and “Sadhana in the Streets” independently.

She left the LA music scene when she started a family and plunged into a life of parenting, education, natural healing modalities, spiritual quest and, always, her music. Her long-term love affair with Auroville, in South India ( began at this time and has continued to this day.

“Sadhana in the Streets” was produced in concert with Holger Jetter in his Sunshine Music Studio in Auroville. Skye’s lyrical depth and heartfelt melodies are enriched by Holger’s sensitive handling and impressive arrangements. It is from the philosophy expressed by Sri Aurobindo that “all life is yoga” that “Sadhana in the Streets” has its foundation.

“Skye Songs.” is an expression of the many wonderful people and beautiful places she lived in and loved in that period of her life. It was produced by Paul Emery and a battery of very talented musicians in Grass Valley, CA in the summer of ’88. It is the expression of some of Skye’s favorite songs.Skye writes songs that speak to the open heart and call for a thoughtful listening. A perpetual student of life, Skye often expresses lessons learned in her songs.

Skye’s songs are loving expressions and gentle reminders to warm your heart and enliven the common bonds of people everywhere.

Today, Skye is still deeply involved In her music, and is planning to share a good deal more with her fans in the near future. Stay tuned!

“Sadhana In The Streets” (2003 Joya Diane Skye, 2015 Desert Windsong Publishing)

sadhanna in the streets Sadhana in the Streets_back cover

“Sky Songs” (1977 Joya Diane Skye, 2015 Desert Windsong Publishing)

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“Early Morning Blues and Greens” – Joya Diane Skye, then know as Diane Hildebrand (Elektra Records, 1967)

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